Website design for Palmerston North businesses

Bespoke website design

That’s just a fancy way to say we design a website just for you and your business – no templates or cookie-cutter layouts here thank you.

Based in Palmerston North, we have been designing websites since 2008 and are ready to help you get a better website through considered design.

But there’s more than may first appear to designing a website…

You have to understand and appreciate how that design will be used – across infinite variations of screen size and device type from the smallest phone, to tablets and laptops through to large desktop monitors and boardroom TVs.

You also need to understand how people behave and react to design. What colours imply just from their very hue and where they are used, how fonts convey a different ‘feel’ (friendly, childish, professional etc) and how a grid (and breaking out of a grid) can make a users experience that much nicer.

There are countless online resources that talk about this stuff so we won’t go into too much detail here but needless to say we take all of the above and more into account when designing your website – ensuring it works for you, your brand and most importantly the people who will be using it – your customers!

Graphic design

Logos, branding, social media covers and icons, letterheads, business cards, the list goes on!

Even if you already have a logo and brand assets there’s always a need to add supporting graphic design elements for a website and the wider internet (Google business listings, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).

We can help create these assets so you have a consistent brand image everywhere you are online.