SEO and a fast website go hand-in-hand these days.

myPixel builds fast websites as seen in these Google Lighthouse scores

Some of the speed test results of myPixel built websites.

It’s not a secret that Google now places emphasis on how fast your site loads for your users – particularly those on mobile devices.

Your site needs to work across all devices and work well. It’s not just so you don’t annoy your users (which is also important) you need to have a well performing website in order to reach those top spots in the search engine results pages.

Here at myPixel we have a passion for creating fast websites – to us that’s just what a website should be – not a value add.

SEO audit

If you’re concerned your site doesn’t show in Google we can take a quick look and review just what is going on. We will then provide a report with some steps you can take to get your site ranking well.

Get an SEO Audit for your website

It takes about 50 milliseconds, (or .05 seconds! for users to decide if they like your site or not – ultimately whether they’ll stay or leave.


Website Optimisation

If you find yourself frustrated waiting for your site to load there’s a good chance your customers are as well – and people don’t take long to move on!

Let myPixel review your slow website and diagnose the issues. Similar to the SEO audit we can then provide you with actionable points to improve your website in the provided report. If you have your own developers they can use our report as a guide or we can help you implement the changes ourselves.

Contact us for a Website Optimisation Report