The Extra Bits

We can hep you sort out all of those “extras” you need to have to be online these days.

Domain name registration

Register your custom domain e.g. to ensure it’s safe from the competition and ready for when you want to add a website. You don’t need a website to have a domain name registered!

Registering a domain name has a yearly cost (about NZ$45). This secures the domain name for your usage and enables the other services you will need i.e. a website and email addresses.

Email addresses for your custom domain

Now that you have your domain you should sort out some custom email addresses to match., info@, admin@ etc.

This all helps you look professional and be independent from an ISP – your domain email address can be setup on your device using the email software you already use or routed to a 3rd party email provider e.g. Google Workspace or MS Office 365.

Website hosting

If you have a website it has to be hosted somewhere – myPixel can provide fast and secure website hosting with SSL certificates, rolling daily backups, fast caching and more.

We’re also happy to work with any other good hosting provider.

Google Business Listings

Make sure you have your bases covered by adding a (free) Google Business Listing to complete your online presence – plus, if you want those juicy 5 star reviews then you need a listing to enable them.