myPixel website pricing

If none of the below jump out as what you need or if you are just not sure, contact us to get started!

Website options

Additional Extras:

Third party integrations
These can be included on any new website and, most likely, the site you already have.
One off cost of integration (depends on your existing platform / site CMS)
Integrate your existing reviews into your website – use social proof from your existing happy clients to instil confidence and get that next sale across the line. Once integrated you don’t need to update again any new reviews will automatically display!
Reviews can come from Google, Facebook, Google Play, Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor and many more online sources!
$168.00 +GST
Social Feeds
Include an Instagram feed directly into your website. Show content from your Facebook or Twitter page or include Pinterest pins. Post once to your social account(s) and have them update on the website – always fresh content!
Show your potential customers you are active and involved
$168.00 +GST
Chat Bot / Chat Widget
We can integrate a chat widget on your website to enable you to talk directly with your customers. Use the platform you (and they) are already on e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and more!
Don’t lose a sale for that one unanswered question!
$168.00 +GST

Web Starter

We also offer a “web starter” package that gets you online with the basics to set you up for a website in the future:

  • Domain name registration (for 1 year)
  • Email configuration
  • One page ‘coming soon’ online business card to secure your web real estate and gives you an essential website presence to display your contact information.

$349 +GST

Website Hosting

Domain registration

$45+GST / year. Which includes setup of domain (and custom DNS entries for example) and configuring your domain emails.

Graphic / digital design

It’s a little complicated to have set prices for this sort of thing but contact us any time and we can have a quick chat so that we can price your job accurately.

Still not sure?